NFC Cryptocurrency Wallet Chips

-A handy way to store share or gift your cryptocurrency coins. 
-Secure offline/cold storage Hardware Wallet that works in a similar way to a paper wallet.
-Easy to store your private keys using the NFC Tools app.  
-Faraday bag included ensuring your chip can only be read when you want it to.
-Can be encrypted via our simple guide



  • Chip: NTAG213 (compatible with all NFC phones)
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Reading time: 1 - 2 ms
  • Storage capacity: 144 bytes
  • Reading distance: 0 - 5mm
  • NFC chip size: diameter 45mm 
  • NFC chip material: PET + etching antenna Distressed Bronze

    Package includes:
  • 1 GoChipMe NFC Cryptocurrency Wallet Chip Distressed Bronze.
  • 1 Faraday bag

*Warning always keep a back up of your private key just in case you lose your chip, that way you can always recover your wallet*

UK £9.99 Free Postage

USA/International $17.99 Free Shipping

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